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What We Look For


What to do
Areas of Representaion
  • Film

  • Directing

  • Television

  • Writing

  • Commercials

We are very careful in our consideration of potential clients. We consider both what would be best for the agency as well as best for the potential client. Some times a "no" can mean just not right now. 


Having strong credits does not guarantee that we will sign you, just as having no credits does not mean we will not sign you. We take all matters into consideration, including clients currently on our roster, when determining meeting with someone. 


When submitting it is always best to mention that you have reviewed our website and expectations for submitting. 

WE DO NOT ACCEPT DROP OFFS of any material or submissions. Please call and ask if we are accepting submissions if you desire to email us. If we are in our scouting season we will provide you with an email address to send in your information. Mailed submissions are considered year round and kept on file for scouting season. All material will be kept on file or shall be shredded after review and will not in any cases be mailed back.


Be sure to include professional caliber material for strong consideration. Photos should not look like selfies taken on your cell phone. When available send reels or links to view reels. Reels should only include clips of your work and not be full length productions. If you do not have a reel take the time to perform a scene or monologue. We want to see your acting ability more than your photo or resume.

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