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MMV is a SAG AFTRA franchised agency.

At MMV we represent talent in numerous areas of  entertainment such as acting, directing, writing, singing and dancing. Our agency is built on core values and beliefs that take a management approach to agenting. This allows us to assist our clients more strategically with various aspects of their careers.


As a boutique agency we are able to work more closely with our clients and give them individual attention. We continue to expand within the industry, booking clients in feature films, as television series regulars and guest stars, and in national commercial spots.

Jayson Kinslow     Owner / Agent

Jayson started his career as an executive assistant to James Jones of The Premier Talent Group. At Premier Jayson saw firsthand the dedication needed to run a franchised boutique agency and the benefits it provided clients. Jayson advanced to adult commercial agent with Premier, then went on to the mid-sized Diverse Talent Agency where he worked in both the Youth Division and Commercial Division. After a brief break from the business, Jayson returned using the skills he acquired from both agencies, adding his own style of business management. For the past several years Jayson has developed and worked with the talent who make up his current client roster.

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